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How to play Casino Hold’em

Do you love poker but lack fellow players? Then Live Casino Hold’em is for you. At Codeta we are proud to offer you gripping Live Casino Hold’em games, played against some of the best live dealers out there. And with a good strategy up your sleeve, you can be sure to match their skills!

Casino Hold’em is not only a great gambling experience with a unique history, it also gives you an opportunity to interact with fellow players at our big Casino Hold’em tables. 

Live Casino

Live Casino Hold’em is played between you and the dealer. You connect with an actual dealer who is broadcasting live from a real casino. You can interact with the dealer and your fellow players. Tables tend to run quite large since there is no limit on the number of players, which makes Live Casino Hold’em a game with a lot of potential for social interaction. If you are looking to get to know fellow poker enthusiasts, the Codeta Casino Hold’em tables are a good place to start.


You and all the other players around the virtual table make your ante bet and are then dealt two closed cards that you use together with three open cards on the table to form a hand, just like in Texas Hold’em. Depending on your hand you may choose to either fold or make a call. If at least one player makes a call, two more open community cards are added. You form your final hand, and this is then compared to the dealer’s. If your hand is better than the dealer’s, you win – regardless of the hands of the other players. You’re playing against the dealer, remember. If you are unsure of how Live Casino work, you can read our frequently asked questions regarding live casinos.

Set your budget

As all experienced players know, you should never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. Hence, it is very important that you set yourself a budget before diving into the world of online entertainment. Live Casino Hold’em has a fairly low house edge, and if you are familiar with the different poker hands, it should only take you a second to adjust yourself to this gripping new game.


Smart players will always make good use of the casino bonuses that are on offer, doubling their bankroll and going for games with higher stakes. As long as you keep folding all your bad hands, and only play with those that are sure to beat the dealer, you could be looking at high winnings without injuring your bankroll. Just keep cool and play your cards right, without letting anything mess with your concentration.

Live Casino Hold’em strategies

As with most casino games, there is no “secure” strategy when it comes to live Casino Hold’em. You could find a few good reads online and browse through them, or have a look at our guides to the game. All in all, it’s more about experience and smart moves than anything else. If you have participated in a few poker tournaments previously, it shouldn’t be difficult to make some money off live Casino Hold’em. Are you completely new to the game? Then it could be wise to find a book or two about the game of poker in general, this will explain most of the different aspects to you. Several poker legends have written interesting books on the subject, and with their knowledge firmly stuck in your head you will understand the game on a much deeper level. Come armed with this knowledge to our games – we look forward to hosting you at our Live Casino Hold’em tables!


You can also learn more about Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat here at Codeta.

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