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Advanced Casino Hold’em strategies

Casino Hold’em is a poker game that is based on Texas Hold’em. The main difference between the two versions of poker is that in Casino Hold’em you play against the house, while in Texas Hold’em you play against other players. Strategies like bluffing are therefore not applicable in Casino Hold’em. Here, the most important strategy is whether you choose to fold or to raise, once you have received your two cards.

The Basics of Casino Hold’em

In Casino Hold’em, each player and the dealer get two individual cards, to be combined with five shared cards. A game round begins with you paying an ante, the basic stakes, which is mandatory for all players at the table. Then two individual and three shared cards are dealt out on the table, and based on these cards, you choose whether you want to fold or call. If you call, you must raise the stakes by an amount that is twice the size of the ante bet. After that, the final two shared cards are dealt, and these are combined with the dealer’s and the players’ personal cards to create various poker hands. The theoretical payout percentage in Casino Hold’em for the ante bet is 97.84 %.


In Casino Hold’em the dealer must have at least a pair of fours for it to qualify for a game. If you win, and the dealer’s hand is qualified, the call bet pays you 1:1, and the ante bet according to the dividend that is shown in the winnings table. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, you get back the additional bet plus the winnings for the ante bet that the winnings table states. If you lose, you lose both the ante and the additional bet. If yours and the dealer’s hands are equal, it will be a tie – you will get back all stakes without losing or winning anything.

Strategy – When to fold or call?

It is possible to calculate an optimal strategy for the combination of cards that it is profitable to bet on in Casino Hold’em, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to summarize the rules in a few bullet points that are easy to remember when you are playing. The main thing to keep in mind is simply that it pays to play as much as possible if you want to win – on average, you should only fold in 18 % of all deals. Apart from that, there are some rules that may be useful to remember.


It is always profitable to raise the stakes (call) if you have:

• An ace or a king as your highest card

• Four cards of the same value (which can turn into a suit if another card of the same value is dealt)

• Four cards in row (which can turn into a straight)

• Two cards that are both higher than all three of the shared cards

• A queen or a jack as your highest card – if the shared cards are not of the same value, and your cards are not of that value


It is a good idea to fold if there is a pair in the shared cards and you only have 10 or less, unless your hand and the shared cards together make up four cards of the same value (which can turn into a flush) or four cards in a row (which can turn into a straight). Also fold if you have two low cards that have no chance of turning into a flush or a straight after the final two cards are drawn.


You can also try a Casino Hold’em calculator that is available online. It works like this: you enter the cards that are on the table, and it calculates a value that indicates whether it would pay to call or to fold.

Strategy for the bonus game AA+

In Casino Hold’em, apart from the ante bet, you can also play a bonus game called AA+. In theory it does not pay to bet on the bonus game, as this increases the house edge to 6.26 % from the 2 to 2.5 % that applies if you only play the ante. On the other hand, a win on the bonus game will generally generate a higher dividend than a win with an ante bet.

You can also learn more about Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat here at Codeta.

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