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About US


If you share our love for Live Table Games, you have reached your online destination. Welcome to a casino that offers every intricacy of the game, played to its fullest capacity. Welcome to Codeta – We know table games.
Our take on online casinos is simple – We think there is a lot more to a casino experience than just slots, free spins, and bonuses. For us, table games offer excitement and authenticity, as well as the chance to develop analytical skills, and seeing the results of the work you put in. Casino games shouldn’t just be about throwing money at a game and hoping that some of it comes back – it can be a rewarding hobby in every respect of the word, and that is how Codeta players like to treat it.
To put it in simple terms, we set out to create the kind of casino that we ourselves would play, and we daresay that we have reached our goal! We are now thrilled to share the finished product with you. That being said, this is not the final version. We value your input and look forward to your feedback so that we can create an even better experience for our players.

The name “Codeta” was born during our founders’ travels throughout Asia in pursuit of the world’s best gambling experiences. This newly-created word is unique and could be associated with “Coup d’État” – a French phrase that reflects our well-prepared coup against the industry, launching the top class digital casino that honours Table Players and the thrill of The Games.

Transparency is our priority

Our aim is complete transparency – This means no hidden fees, no unpleasant small print, and no exploitative Terms & Conditions. Our pledge is to always give you all the information you could possibly need, including the inner workings of the games so that you are constantly aware of both risks and rewards. We are not the people behind the curtain spitefully deciding whether or not you will win, but rather the facilitators of fun. So we aim to educate you on everything, even the less comfortable areas like safe playing and real return-to-player percentages, with the belief that this will earn us respect and the privilege of a loyal customer.

We know table games

Codeta is the ultimate online casino experience for players who share our love for table games played live. Joined by players who know every intricate detail of our games, we invite you to take the next step in casino experience and learn how to become a real connoisseur.

We are Codeta – We know table games.

Who’s setting the table?

Behind the scenes at Codeta you´ll find a creative melting pot of talented and experienced people with a long and respected background in the casino industry. We are based in Malta, Tel Aviv, London, and Stockholm. For the founder of Codeta, Edward Ihre, it has been a long, but worthwhile, labour of love:

 “Codeta is the perfected result of my many years in the business but also my opportunity to make a stand. My team and I truly love table games and that is what we are about.”

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Company information

Company name:
Portrush Ltd.

Company address:
Abacus Business Centre, Level 1,

Dun Karm Street,

B´Kara Bypass,

Birkirkara BKR 9037,


Registration number:
C 72477

VAT number:

The website is operated and managed by EveryMatrix Software Ltd., a company bearing registration number C51832, and having its registered address at Suite 10, Level 4, Portomaso Business Tower, Vjal Portomaso, St. Julian’s, STJ 4011, Malta. EveryMatrix Software Ltd. is licensed and regulated by virtue of a Combined Remote Operating License number 000-039383-R-319384-007 issued on the 31 October 2016 by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

For more information, please contact our support.

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